Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holiday Season Helper

Hey there, sorry for the missing pages....Tunk, tunk, (is this thing he wonders if anyone really noticed), however my life was/is going through transition....
I am leaning a great many new skills...
How to use coffee grounds for coffee and also as slug repellent (slugs not included)...
I am also learning the value of good friends, great friends, those who will be there to bail you pick you up and to dust you off...(DISCLAIMER: This in NO way constitutes that I was Incarcerated or any other negative brushes with law enforcement officials.)
I have learned however that people can be cruel, money matters: when she gets it all...
and that a child Should NEVER be used as a tool of ANGER by an adult -it becomes apparent that in Canada (at least) you pay (if you can- if you can't...rack up a debtors bill)
to care for your child(ren)...that's ok-it's good
HOWEVER- there is NO recourse for the same person to have visitation rights, reduction in maintenace (on Justice will not rule against his buddy) if the Custodial parent (usually the Mother) denies access to the Father....even if she is found in Contempt of Court!!!....the courts do nothing, as it is the child(ren)s Mother...
I know that I am going to take a lot of slag for this post from all of the people preaching that the women had it so hard for so long....I DON'T DENY that, however, I didn't do it, should all Caucasians be punished today for the slavery of the African Americans...or should all First Nations people be able to choose whichever land/house/etc they want and evict you out of it for free....this is the same type of thinking. Change the laws to swing the pendulum to the MIDDLE...not to one side or the other!!!!!
I welcome your views!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I wanna hit the Rewind button now....

I haven't blogged in days....and boy am I feeling the effects! It seems that my life is taking a step into a different direction that I did not realize existed for me (at this point)> My daily exercises in futility were the equivilent of pushing a car-up a hill with a matter how hard my efforts were, they all seemed for not (ok, don't worry-the EEyore syndrome will stop soon, as soon as the pink pill kicks in)
Wonderous things have opened up for me, things that I would have never thought of...but when the door opened, I peeked inside and WOW (and in the can hear the cast from the Broadway presentation of Annie singing-Tomorrow), choices, changes, opportunities and smiles (see, the pink one doesn't take too long)
I realized one very important thing on my blogging sabatical...when we dwell in the past we don't live for today> maybe that's corney, but then that's ok> I just want you to see that forward is present and the past was just a learning lesson...take the moral...and walk from the pain...if you fail to do this>you might go insane, for we all know there's no rewind button (thanks and rymed to the song "Just Breathe"
later days

Friday, September 16, 2005

This Sand (box) is my Sand, this Sand is your Sand...

This is a photo running on the front page of the newspaper where I live.
These guys call themselves the U.S. Minutemen...they are a breakoff group of individuals (from an Arizona group) that are going to protect the US/Canadian border from illegal immigrants or terrorists.

While not belittling the efforts that they wish to provide for their country...I would like to draw some similarities(sic) between what they are doing and what we do here in Canada.

1) They are called the U.S. Minutemen, up here...we call these groups...Neighborhood Watch.
2) They protect their country from illegal entry-we protect our children and citizens from illegal removal (abduction).
3) They are using guns, big flashlights, nightvision, and communication devices to combat this problem-we use awareness, visual acuity, and cell phones (sometimes plain old yelling)
4) They find it necessary to patrol both borders (North & South)- we hand you a rebate for spending money in our country as you leave.

While trying to place a connection between these 2 items, (knowing that this blog may piss off a lot of readers), one needs to ask...who do we need protection from? The immigrant/terrorist that may be sneaking across electronically patrolled borderlines that were always to remain open...

or the individuals that believe that they must protect their country from perceived any cost.

While I realize that this is a select few in a nation of is frightening that they believe that it has come down to this.

I had a whole commentary of this to fill a novel, but the opinion that you create will be yours no matter what.
As for me, maybe I'm too old fashioned...however I believe that the gates of the Peace Arch should remain open as was the original intent...for in this world we truly are...
Children of a Common Mother...
Later Days

The American side of the Arch is inscribed with the words
"Children of a Common Mother;" the Canadian side, with the words "Brethren Dwelling together in Unity." Within the portal of the Arch on the west side are the words "1814 Open One Hundred Years 1914" and on the east side, "May These Gates Never Be Closed."

Monday, September 12, 2005

You walk the Walk, Can you Talk the Talk?

How we walk has been examined by many people throughout the has been said that body language says so much about if parts of me could really talk!

When we walk we "speak" yes speak, don't believe me.....check out this site....

try the sliders, it is great, however during some investigation between a friend and I, we discovered that the female walks like she has something stuffed somewhere when she is sad....then...both of us being animators, determined that the body dynamics had the reflectors placed to create 14 feet of legs-lol.

If you want to go even farther...hit the MORE button, perform an evaluation of your own on 10-100 subjects and then you can have 1 slider to play with that YOU have set the parameters for......MINE....ended up with a definite PICKLE problem.....I just calls em as I sees em.

Later Days

It's HOW MUCH a Litre???????

I think that I have figured out how to properly tax the masses for the fuel they consume in their vehicles....each gas station will have a scale installed at each pump, it will also have a height measuring "laser"(in my best Dr Evil impression voice)... the vehicles would have to fit on a specified length (so they could not be 400 ft long).
Then when a vehicle pulls into fill up, the height and weight of that vehicle are measured to determine the taxes applied individually to that vehicle.

A Honda civic pulls in, even with 4 would be taxed at rate "X"....same vehicle...filling up with 1 driver taxed at a slightly higher rate. (Carpool-if possible)

Consider the Caddilac Escallade, it pulls in with one driver....whoa...DING DING- taxes hit the roof....even if it pulls in with multiple passengers...taxes are higher than the Honda with 4 passengers....why?

1)Due to the extra sress that it places on the road & highway infrastructure (have you seen the curb weight of those things?) 2)Due to the increased demand on fossil fuel...try to tell me that both vehicles will move 4 people the same distance on the same amount of fuel. 3) Damage to the environment....Bigger vehicle=bigger emission ratios. 4) Ramming speed- in the event of an accident between the 2 vehicles...our government run Insurance Corporation, would be looking at permanent damage or death to the occupants of the Honda.
5) Moron Factor...just because you can afford one, doesn't mean you know how to drive it or that you can keep that beast in your lane.

Now, there are people who will argue that it is their right to drive whatever they choose....and I fully agree.....but I also believe that we should start to have Reference Based Taxing on gas to even the field for all.
Later days

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Things That Make you Go Hmmmmmm.....

So as I see it, the senario goes something like this:
Wife: You'll never get that car fixed...
Hubby: It's always raining when I have the time to do it
Wife: That's the excuse you always use, why not just add an extension/ second garage
Hubby: Wow, I can do that? (as a small tear comes to his eye) that would be great!
Wife: But we have to build it as we can afford it, no loans or second mortgages
Hubby:(in dreamy state) sure, sure...I get a car stall to work in the dry, no dirt floors...
Now, construction begins and all is going well, Hubby is even able to get the vehicle under some door. Wife says: This would be a great place to store a FEW things only until its finished. Crying on the inside, the Hubby has to carry the items out to the garage (like carrying your own rope to a hanging).
Time passes, all monies went into the extension, all Hubby's time went into the extension, car still sits in the rain, as Hubby tries to roll it in, a avalache of stuff buries the front end- ok...he knew that he had to push it hard to get it in as deep as possible. Hubby can't work on car 'cause there is too much shit piled around and on it in the new extension. Wife still bitches that car is not fixed, Hubby ends up trying to seal out some of the draft let in by car as he sleeps out there often now.
Moral to the story: Sell the broken car to charity (tax receipt), still get the extension, and if you are gonna be out there (in the dog house) anyways, Make a totally cool fort in the shit that is piled up and bring a bar fridge and big screen, and suffer in peace. (no, I do not really know the situation)
Later Days

A Plug for a Friend

(picture used without permission/copyrighted LoriPaul Music Inc)

Hey there, the more that I read the replies that are auto-generated from people trying to make money off site hits, the more that I understand when a friend states that he has turned off the reply feature on his blog.
Me, I may be a sucker for Spam or the thought that there are more true people out there that really just wish to leave a comment when the feeling moves them (free speech is still alive in my Blogland....may the flag forever fly free)
I want to give a big shout out to a friend LORI PAUL ... this woman is someone who makes me feel as a tiny mortal when she sings, she is a locally produced artist who has had gigs/tours with the big boys & girls.
Check out this can listen to sampled music...I believe that she has amazing pipes, and the craziness factor helps her and I to be friends.
I will not post paid adverts etc on this blog, this is is just a surprise for a friend, do me a favor...go to her site first, then..."funny cat pictures" or whatever second....
It is hard to get exposure, it is just a digital hug that I can provide, Hey Lori...
Later Days

Friday, September 09, 2005

Hey, for pictures...check out my site, part 2

I have deadlines...Deadlines I tell you...right Jason....

This seems like a cool place, hit it to see my stuff...
Later days

Monday, September 05, 2005

Just Smile and Wave

So, I'm driving along and there are 2 ambulances coming at me, I clear the intersection that I am in and then pull over to the side....the 40ish year old who has almost rear-ended me 4 times so far (due to the fact that he wants to work on the forth kid with the wife...comes up and tries to pass me...until he ALMOST hits me again and SHE tells him to pull over...we get back on the road...and it isn't 3 seconds later a firetruck is coming too, he gets off right away this time...but "honks and fingers a driver coming the other way who is impeading the firetruck!"
I just smile to myself and think....oh you have just saved face in your longer looking like a total idiot to just your wife (now we all know!)
Later Days